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Tourism Search Advertising with Google AdWords

Tourism Search Advertising by ACRO Global

Sponsored listings with Google AdWords place your ads on Google's search-return pages, and on those of numerous other partner engines and directories; as well as (optionally) on relevant pages of partner content sites with high traffic.

International and local search options are available also.

You pay nothing for search ad impressions (views); only for incremental visits to your Web site that occur when someone clicks through from your AdWords ad to a landing page on your site.

We’ll cap your daily click charges through Google’s budgeting mechanism.

We'll help you select the most relevant keywords, then create your ads and provide ongoing bid-management and campaign adjustment services, to maximize results for your budget.

The biggest advantages of Google pay-per-click search are:

  • enormous share of travel/tourism searches
  • virtually instant-on (no waiting for search-engine indexing)
  • ability to control ranking and spend through ad and landing page quality and the bidding process
  • widespread, selective distribution via worldwide search and display networks
  • integration with Google Analytics, for measurement, performance assessment and ongoing improvement

Google offers many features and options for AdWords campaigns and Analytics reports. We'll work with you to select those that will be most effective in reaching your business objectives:

  • Search ads
  • Contextual ads
  • Text, image, video and mobile ads
  • Keyword suggestions based on Google’s enormous database of actual searches
  • Targeting by location (country, state/region, city), language, demographics, interests
  • Ad scheduling for any time zone
  • Performance reports by campaign, ad group, keyword, geographic area, device (mobile vs. desktop), more...
  • Ad quality scoring
  • Diagnostic tests of your pages
  • Conversion tracking
  • Remarketing to site visitors who don't convert

But please bear in mind that creating and deploying an effective paid search campaign - one that successfully converts the additional well-qualified visitors our ads will be sending to the site - is not something that we can do unilaterally. Time and effort by client staff, Web developers, hosting company and possibly others will be required to get all of the potential value from the ad campaign. Landing pages on your site to which our ads send prospects need to deliver what the ads promise, and start the visitor on the path to conversion (sales for you!).

Accordingly, our Tourism Search Advertising program includes:

  • Preliminary site audit for conversion capability, reported to you - no cost or obligation
  • Then, if you agree to proceed:
    • Comprehensive site audit with specific recommendations for added landing pages and on-page changes to improve your site’s conversion performance, for implementation by your own Web developers
    • Google AdWords campaign with up to 500 keywords
    • Ongoing ad testing and campaign improvement
    • Easy-to-understand periodic reports on key campaign performance indicators
    • No long-term agreement required
    • One-time fixed setup charge
    • Fixed monthly management fee
    • You pay click charges to Google directly by credit card; we take no markup on click charges.
    • Risk-free 30-day trial: if after one month you're not totally satisfied, we’ll return your setup charge and management fee.

To get your preliminary site audit for conversion capability with no cost or obligation, just fill out the short form below telling me:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address, to which to send the results of your FREE preliminary site audit
  • The URL of your Web site

Then send it off to me, and I’ll e-mail you the results of our preliminary audit of your site, along with full information on the customized Tourism Search Advertising campaign that we’ll create for you, including pricing and timeframe.

Best regards,
David Boggs, President/CEO ACRO Global

Yes, send me the results of the FREE preliminary audit of my Web site along with full information on the fully-guaranteed Tourism Search Advertising program you can create for me.

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