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Web Analytics for Tourism Sites

Analytics provide the hard figures on which you will base your decisions and strategies. Our Web analytics tools will take the raw data from your Web site server logs and turn it into reports that tell you how your site is doing.

They'll tell you:

  • how many visitors you're getting
  • what pages they're viewing and not viewing, and when
  • if traffic on your site is growing or not, and if so at what rate.

This kind of information allows us to take action based on facts and figures and track the changes and what effect they have.

Conversion rate is THE most important metric, and there are many places in a site where conversion can fail. You need to be able to tell where that's happening and take corrective action. A standard set of measurements that can be tracked over time allows us to determine if your changes made a difference. Your Return On Investment will only improve if you use the metrics correctly.

Traffic is good, but conversion is better. For both organic and sponsored (PPC) search, the objective is to prequalify site users to increase the likelihood of sales, and maximize the return on Internet marketing investment. Having a higher click rate doesn't always make for the best ROI. There 's no intuitive way to know that the conversion rates of these seemingly interchangeable keywords would be so different. Accurate analysis of the statistics makes the difference between paying $8.72 or $0.54 for a conversion. (Actual client data)

Conversion Analysis
Vacation Rental Site
Keyword new hampshire vacation rental nh vacation rental
Cost Per Click $1.09 $0.18
Clicks 40 12
Total Cost 40 x $1.09 = $43.60 12 x $0.18 = $2.16
Conversions 5 4

Having numbers is not enough. Do you know what to do with them? Analytics tools and all the data they produce are only as useful as the questions you ask. We'll take those statistics, ask the right questions, and give you the answers you need.

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