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Persuasive Tourism Copywriting

Yes, the Internet is a “visual medium." Photos, videos and other art can make a Web site attractive, interesting and entertaining. They appeal to the emotions. They can also help explain some things, and tell some stories, better than any quantity of words could do.

But at every conversion point in your online advertising and on your site - where people have to decide whether to download your brochure, subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for a free trial, or simply right then buy your stuff - or not - it's words that will get the job done.

This is not "image advertising" where the objective is to create awareness, improve unaided recall of your brand, etc.

What's needed to induce conversions and sell stuff is persuasive direct-response copywriting, formatted to be scannable, readable and unambiguous. Why? So that busy people who are short on time and have many choices online will convert before getting bored and clicking away from your site.

And through the wonders of technology, in very short periods of time we're able to test every headline and every phrase of copy against the current top-performing versions, replacing lesser versions with greater ones as they're identified, repeating again and again to constantly improve conversion ratios at every step of the prospect's buying process.

This is what we'll do for you.

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Risk-free 30-day trial: if after one month you're not totally satisfied, we’ll return whatever you’ve paid us.
David Boggs

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