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New England Tourism
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The New England Tourism Market

New England tourism market: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine

Why the New England market is critically important to you

  • The New England region of six states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) has a land area of approximately 72,000 square miles (187,000 square kilometers) and a population of around 15 million. Its population density of 222 persons/square mile(86/square kilometer) exceeds that of 40 of the 50 US States, and is nearly three times as great as the US average population density. All of New England is within the US Eastern time zone. High population density and common time zone are advantageous for media reach, particularly geotargeting and dayparting of online advertising.
  • The shift which the US has undergone from a primarily manufacturing economy to a primarily service economy has benefited New England, because of its highly educated population and strong research and development, education and health-care bases. Five of the six New England states have mean per-capita incomes above the US average, and three (Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire) are among the top-10 US states for per-capita income.
  • New Englanders, with their high household incomes, tend to be tolerant of high travel costs. And travel is by far the most prevalent type of product bought online by New Englanders. Plus, of all US regions, only in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon is the average Internet penetration greater than that of New England.
    Logan International Airport
  • Boston's Logan International Airport is the primary airline gateway to New England, offering nonstop service to and from 76 domestic and 41 international destinations.
    New England highways
  • All parts of New England are connected by modern highway networks that make each local market area potentially the #1 drive market for every regional destination.
    Google search
  • New Englanders are heavy users of Internet search for both researching and buying products and services. Eighty percent of all Internet traffic begins at a search engine - 93% of that at Google - and nearly three out of four travel buyers consult search engines before making a travel purchase, compared to only four in ten who visit the website of a specific national or regional tourist office or destination promotion board.
    Google search
  • Sponsored (paid) search marketing - most notably Google Ads - has become the most popular online advertising format in the US, accounting for over 40% of all online advertising spending. In a survey of US marketers, paid search was the most highly rated online marketing tactic, chosen as “most effective” by 52% of respondents, with conversion rates of 2.8% to 6.3% depending on marketing goal.
geotargeting of the New England market for search

Plus today's sponsored search products permit geographic targeting of potential tourists by state, Designated Market Area (DMA) or city. You can use this link to see information on numbers of New England homes and persons reachable by geotargeting by state, DMA or city.

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