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Unconditional money-back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee: Risk Free 30 Day Trial

All our work is done under simple written agreements with clients, executed prior to start of work.

We offer all our services as prepaid 30-day trials at the end of which, if you're not completely satisfied with the results we've obtained, we'll refund whatever you've paid to us.

No long-term contract: If after 30 days you're satisfied with the results we've obtained in the trial period, the trial period will end and our agreement with you will auto-renew for an additional 30 days, and continue to auto-renew for 30-day periods until a new agreement is executed, or until you or we initiate termination per the terms of the current agreement.

Please note: We cannot guarantee refunds of any payments you may make to third parties for their services rendered in the process of the execution of our agreement. Examples of payments you may be required to make to third parties under certain circumstances could include:

  • Any payments that you make via us that we pass through 100% to Google for Google Ads click charges. Such payments to Google are per Google's terms of service absolutely unrecoverable by either you or us.
  • Currency-exchange charges and commissions to payment agents, as commonly occur in many business transactions
  • Any other payments to third parties that you may authorize
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