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Before ACRO: potential customer is baffled by your Web site

The secret to converting prospects online seems obvious, but judging by the vast majority of today's Web sites it's not: Make it easy for prospects to buy. Make navigation through your site intuitive, the key specifications and prices of products and services obvious, and booking a no-brainer. Recent research has shown that people are spending less time on each page so your site must capture their attention and make it easy to find what they want.

Why usability is important to you:

Travel is the largest sales category in online commerce. With the majority of Americans now using the Internet to make travel plans and reservations, your potential return from conducting usability studies is enormous.

  1. In a study of 8,600 Web-using households, Forrester Research found that 67% of users cited ease of use as the #1 reason for continuing to return to Web sites.
  2. Other studies show:
    • 27% of all Web transactions are abandoned at the payment screen.
    • 40% of online shoppers never return to a Web site after a negative user experience.
    • Slow-loading abandonments, not being able to find what they are looking for, confusing pages, and difficult booking/buying processes cost online businesses more than US$20 billion annually in lost revenue.


When Staples relaunched its site following an extensive redesign-for-usability, measured results included:

  • 31% decrease in rate of exit from the home page
  • 45% decrease in rate of exit from catalog pages
  • 67% increase in number of repeat customers
  • 80% increase in unique daily visitors in the holiday season, compared to 40% (average) for all e-commerce sites

Here are some of the ways ACRO Global can help you realize the full potential of your Web site and online advertising:

  • Performing laboratory usability testing using consumer surrogates of your desired demographic profile, recruited from within your target geographic markets
  • Documenting what happens when consumer surrogates complete key conversion scenarios on your Web site
  • Performing heuristic (expert) evaluation of the usability of your Web site
  • Making actionable recommendations for redesign to improve usability and conversion rates
  • Surveying your customers and prospects to determine what they're coming to your site to find
  • Creating scannable pages that lead prospects to the content they've said they want
  • Putting the right links in the right places, and making them easily identifiable
  • Clearly distinguishing your most important pieces of content
  • Making pages readable
  • Creating navigation that tells users where they are, how to get where they want to go, how to get back to where they came from
  • Keeping contact information and a booking link in front of users at all times
  • Creating indexing and searching capabilities for the non-linear navigation that many users prefer
  • Giving your site a consistent look and feel throughout, compatible with the image you want to project to your most valuable customers and prospects
  • Localizing your site for your specific target markets, domestic and international (See our Localization page for more information.)

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