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International Tourism Marketing

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The most rapid growth in Internet use and sales of travel, tourism and hospitality services is now occurring outside the United States:

  • More than 80% of Web traffic currently originates outside the United States.
  • Tourism, travel and hospitality are #1 or #2 in value of online sales in every major developed nation.

Unless your market is strictly local, you need to have a presence in international tourism markets now.

Through our network of international affiliates, we can give you the inside track in these tourism markets, with:

  • localized Web sites and direct-response advertising, and
  • inside access to local partners, trade allies, media and marketing channels.

International tourism markets in which ACRO currently maintains affiliate networks include:

  • New England, USA
  • Eastern Canada
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

We have selected these countries for our marketing emphasis because we believe they have the greatest immediate success potential for online travel, tourism and hospitality businesses. Factors that influenced this decision include the following:

  • Eastern Canada and the United Kingdom are major markets for New England travel, tourism and hospitality services.
  • New England and eastern Canada are major tourism markets for the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • All of these countries to a large extent share a common language and cultural heritage; intercultural obstacles tend to be easily surmountable.

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